Where we are

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OS Grid references, post codes etc.

Parish / Church OS Grid Ref. Post code Lat. / Long.
*Buckhorn Weston ST 756247 SP8 5HS 51.021321,-2.34799
*East Stour ST 798228 SP8 5LP 51.004573,-2.288268
*Fifehead Magdalen ST 783216 SP8 5RT 50.993332,-2.31082
*Kington Magna ST 768231 SP8 5EG 51.007146,-2.331859
*Stour Provost ST 794215 SP7 5RZ 50.993182,-2.294925
*Stour Row ST 822211 SP7 0QW 50.989495,-2.25397
*Todber ST 799200 DT10 1JD 50.97947,-2.286621
*West Stour ST 784229 SP8 5RL 51.005124,-2.308357

All the churches are on OS map 183 (Landranger series).

Public transport

The villages are located between Gillingham and Templecombe Stations, on the South West Trains line from London to Exeter. All but Buckhorn are closer to Gillingham.

Taxis are available from Gillingham Station, and meet most trains, but there can be a long wait if you haven’t booked.

The distance and approximate journey length by car / taxi is shown below.

Church Templecombe Station Gillingham Station
Buckhorn Weston 3.9 miles, 9 mins. 4.3 miles, 11 mins.
East Stour 7.2 miles, 13 mins. 2.8 miles, 8 mins.
Fifehead Magdalen 6.4 miles, 13 mins. 5.3 miles, 13 mins.
Kington Magna 5.6 miles, 13 mins. 3.8 miles, 10 mins.
Stour Provost 8.4 miles, 17 mins. 3.9 miles, 11 mins.
Stour Row 9.8 miles, 20 mins. 4.7 miles, 12 mins.
Todber 8.2 miles, 17 mins. 5.0 miles, 12 mins.
West Stour 6.5 miles, 12 mins. 3.9 miles, 11 mins.